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Make your gifts extra personal by adding individual names or memorable photo





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dog in costume
Ginger Cat

enjoy free local delivery

5-7 working days 

For further question, please fill in the form below...OR Whatsapp / Email us

+852 64074493

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Minimize fashion-waste is our goal. Every item is produced "on-demand" basis. 


We have a special machine in our facility to provide personalised-print service.

1. Photo orientation - Orientation of the photo should match the product

2. Photo resolution - Say if you took the photo on your mobile, if there are no blurry pixels when you enlarge the photo on the phone, the photo should be fine. Do email us to double check.

3. Crop-photo - To match the dimension of our products, we might need to crop your photo before printing. We will contact you to confirm.


4. Lead time - After confirming the photo effect on the product, it will take 7 work days.


5. Shipping - Due to the pandemic, do let us know if you need the product for a special occasion like birthday, celebration, farewell party... We will then decide which courier service best suits your need.

6. Express service - Additional USD 3 each product, 2 work days

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