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Luggage Tag_Personalization
  • Luggage Tag_Personalization

    Luggage tag size: 11.5 x 7.5 cm


    Easy 1-Minute Step...Get your personalized product
    1. Choose a photo of your lovely pet or anything (Best with ~ 2MB or 300dpi)

    2. Buy this product & finish payment process online

    3. Email the photo to  **email subject: (your name) Holenga Personalization

    4. Your product will be ready for shipment within 3 work days in HK

    1. Photo orientation - Orientation of the photo should match the product

    2. Photo resolution - Say if you took the photo on your mobile, if there are no blurry pixels when you enlarge the photo on the phone, the photo should be fine. Do email us to double check.

    3. Crop-photo - To match the dimension of our products, we might need to crop your photo before printing. We will contact you to confirm.


    4. Shipping - Due to the pandemic, do let us know if you need the product for a special occasion like birthday, celebration, farewell party... We will then decide which courier service best suits your need.

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