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Medium Pouch_SugarCat CandyDoggie_Ppuri the Sapsaree
  • Medium Pouch_SugarCat CandyDoggie_Ppuri the Sapsaree

    Uniquely stylish clutch or wallet. Size: 24 x 15.5 cm

    Minimize fashion-waste is our goal. Every item is produced "on-demand" basis.

    After assessing various materials, we've picked PU leather.

    1. Safety - Our products contains no toxic, so it will not hurt people's health.

    2. Cruelty-free - Unlike the old days, apart from leather, we have many material options in the market nowadays. Cruelty-free is the one we prefer.

    3. Environmental protection - Leather looks and feels nice, yet the processing and dyeing of leather is known to create pollution issues

    4. Consistency - Real leather has its own natural texture which is not ideal for graphic imprint

    **except for Eco Can Plus